Aotea Security are committed to positively and responsibility contributing to society and supporting the success of the communities in which we operate. 

Social & Community Responsibility

Aotea Security have implemented a range of strategies focusing on social responsibility and local employment opportunities. We are focused on making a difference through partnerships, sponsorships and donations. Aotea Security supports many community and not-for-profit organisations, including: 


We believe in contributing to a better world. Security systems aren't only used to keep your businesses, people and assets safe, they can also help them work more efficiently and sustainably. Innovative technologies play a vital role in this. At Aotea Security, we are at the forefront of new technology developments.

The same passion we have for innovation goes into how we think about environmental sustainability. We are committed to protecting the natural environment for current and future generations. That's why we adapt and design smart, climate-friendly security solutions, we work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and reuse and recycle materials wherever possible. We're constantly looking to improve our sustainability practices and reduce our carbon footprint.


The Aotea Security leadership team is committed to ensuring that our people and organisations receive outstanding training experiences and that we exceed NZSA expectations in all areas of our business. Aotea encourage a collaborative ecosystem of working together with our partners to further educate and offer value to the broader security industry and community as a whole. Our team run a series of ' Security Risk Management Seminars' throughout the year. If you would like to know when the next one will be held, keep an eye on our Linkedin events here