Health and Safety

Health and Safety is engrained within our culture and at every level within our business.

Health and Safety is our number one priority and Aotea have invested heavily in creating a culture of responsibility and accountability at all levels alongside robust systems and processes that ensure we are leaders in our industry space with regard to Health and Safety.

Being a mature group of companies and having a scale to fund significant initiatives, the Group has been a leader in Health and Safety in both the electrical contracting and electronic security sectors of the industry. We are proud that all companies were engaged in the ACC WSMP process and note that Aotea Security (NZ) Ltd holds ACC Tertiary Accreditation: 01 August 2016 – 31 July 2018. In addition, Aotea Security holds third-party accreditation with multiple vendors.

Aotea uses a central software system across its Health and Safety and Quality Management processes and has deployed this fully across the Group. The system is known as Vault and has become our central storage and process management tool for these functions. Vault hosts all of our H&S documentation, records our compliance records including near misses and accidents and investigations and is a real-time reminder throughout all levels of our business for process management and escalation to incident. Aotea as a Group has had zero fatalities and no prosecutions.