Gallagher Alarm - Site Security through the Cloud

Aotea Security are providing installation and sales coverage nationwide for Gallagher Alarm - A Subscription Cloud Service

Gallagher Alarm

Gallagher Alarm tells you what happened and when, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether it was a real incident and what to do next. Gallagher Alarm lets you take control of your business security from anywhere, at any time, with an easy to use mobile app. It’s headache-free security for real people with busy lives. Gallagher Alarm lets you manage your own security, direct from your phone.

There comes a time when we see a cross roads in technology, why continue to buy an offline system that receive no updates, require manual intervention and isn't on demand?

  • Turn alarms on and off

  • Manage users

  • Respond to alarms

  • Send a guard and receive real-time updates

An alarm notification has come up on your phone and there’s no good explanation. Instead of waiting for a monitoring company to organise a guard, you can request a guard call-out directly from the Gallagher Alarm app. Close to real-time feedback on the call-out status gives you total visibility and control of the process. If you miss the notification, you can ensure a guard is called automatically if no one from the business responds to the alarm within an agreed time. All closed incidents are stored in the system, with detailed information that can be used as evidence in court or for insurance claims.

Aotea Security have health status monitoring of sites live and can provide Realtime and proactive response to faults configuration issues. Why has Gallagher made the change? 97% of businesses in New Zealand and Australia have less than 20 staff, and one of their biggest headaches is security.

Why does it have to be so complicated to keep your small business safe? As trusted market leaders protecting large sites with some of today’s highest security requirements, we knew there could be a better way. Gallagher Security was born from the need to solve problems and find clever solutions. It’s what we do, so we got on with it and developed a security solution designed specifically for small business. Gallagher’s guiding principles are simplicity, mobility and transparency.

The benefit to our SME customers is visibility and control over any site connected via an internet connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Always being updated and with analytics across multiple sites to identify better security practices and trends.

Also taking away the cost of monthly monitoring charges and turning them in to system updates and innovative system functionality as Gallagher's cloud team are building on the go for you.

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By Mike Mckim | Posted: Monday June 10, 2019