Aotea Security Protects Rua Bioscience With Gallagher

Founded in 2016, Rua Bioscience has grown from two co-founders to over 20 employees, including expert growers, scientists, and plant geneticists – all committed to the breeding, cultivation, and processing of medicinal cannabis. With no standards in place for the security of medicinal cannabis sites, Rua Bioscience looked to Aotea Security and Gallagher for a world-class integrated solution to protect their site and keep people safe.

Since 2016, the cannabis industry has advanced quickly and so has the company. They’ve become a world leader in the research and development of plant genetics, specialising in cannabinoid extracts. With this in mind, a security solution was required to detect, deter, and defend the three sites in which Rua Bioscience operates within New Zealand.

“When the medicinal cannabis regulations were released in December 2019, we needed a security system in place that would not only meet these regulations but also limit access and keep staff safe,” said Paul Naske, Chief Operations Officer at Rua Bioscience.

Naske contined: “When we built the sites to cultivate medicinal cannabis, there were no defined standards for such sites. We looked at what other sites across the world had done and so we chose to learn from those. We worked with Aotea Security to develop an integrated security solution which included a monitored pulse fence, access control, and CCTV, which provides a high security environment for what we require. The Gallagher system was the best option for us because it can provide all this and more.”

“ We needed a security system in place that would not only meet these regulations but also limit access and keep staff safe. ”

With two sites used for the growing and cultivation of cannabis plants and one head office, Rua Bioscience required multi-site access. Naske said: “In the future we will increase employee numbers and employ contractors, and so access to zones will be more prominent along with access to multiple sites. We are also investigating the requirement for personal duress because of the nature of the work we do here.”

Rua Bioscience has huge growth plans and is working towards the manufacture of GMP-certified, quality-assured medicinal cannabis as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and products, for domestic and global customers. The flexibility of the Gallagher system is key as the business evolves.

By Aotea Security | Posted: 28 October, 2020