Welcoming Our New National Sales Manager, Chris Whiting

13 April, 2021

Welcoming Our New National Sales Manager, Chris Whiting

Aotea Security is proud to welcome Chris Whiting into his new role as our National Sales Manager.

Chris has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout his nearly two decades within the security sector, gaining many valuable insights during his career, having worked in both the UK and New Zealand markets. 

Chris will be taking up the mantle of our previous National Sales Manager Mike Mckim who is transitioning into the Provincial Manager role within the Aotea Security Leadership Team

In 2011 Chris and Mike worked alongside one another at Tyco, solution selling electronics, manned services and cash management. From there Chris moved to Armourguard where he lead sales in both New Zealand and Fiji prior to moving into the role of General Manager at Hills NZ in 2017.

Having now fully transitioned into the electronics sector of the security industry Chris is a welcome addition to the Aotea Security Leadership Team, he has embraced his new role with energy and enthusiasm and is busy leading new sales opportunities and supporting our client management teams in a mentoring role.

Chris is passionate about the New Zealand security industry and has held an NZSA board members position for 3 years completing his tenure in 2020. He has a passion for giving a voice to the industry and creating mature engagements between our manufacturer, end-users and the public.