Maintaining Connection and Engagement Throughout Lockdown 2021

14 September, 2021

Maintaining Connection and Engagement Throughout Lockdown 2021

Lockdown 2020 taught us all many valuable lessons about the importance of staying connected.

Participation, engagement and motivation are key to the success of any team or business, and whilst lockdown brings with it many challenges most of us were able to iron out the communication kinks in round one. We learnt many valuable lessons about tools and processes that worked well for our teams and maybe a few that didn't.

One thing that we and many others now understand is that engagement and connection look different when you are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and for many of us it meant we had to get creative both literally and figuratively.

There was ample inspiration for creating opportunities to interact with many countries around the world much more seasoned at lockdown than our little island nation so we looked to them for tips and tricks across social media platforms, a popular platform for our managers and the administrative team was Kahoot where we participated in the daily quiz for 21 days.

Our leadership team got their creative juices flowing in the kitchen with our lockdown cooking challenge (yes we have photographic evidence) we had participants from right across the country, there were some fantastic submissions and a few clear winners but overall a stellar effort was made by the whole team.

Now with the majority of the country moving to level 2, Aotea Security has 15 regions that are operational, with our thoughts going out to our teams and clients in the Auckland region, we hope you will all be joining the rest of the country in level 2 very soon.