Aotea Security Are Proud To Support The Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

15 January, 2023

Aotea Security Are Proud To Support The Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

The donation of a new security camera system, installation and additional support funding was a welcome addition to the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

Aotea Security is proud to support the great work that the Cholmondeley Children's Centre does for families in need. Aotea Security has donated their time to install a new CCTV camera system donated by Security Wholesale, as well as additional funding resources to support the great work the Cholmondeley Children's Centre does. This new system will be used to ensure the safety of those that are staying at the Children's Centre. 

The Cholmondeley Children's Centre offers short-term respite care for families and whānau with children aged 3-12 years old in times of stress and crisis. Cholmondeley is an independent charity that is approximately 70% community funded, seeking a large amount of support from local communities and businesses to allow them to continue to offer services for families and their children. If not for the support from businesses like Aotea Security and Security Wholesale, Cholmondeley's would not be able to continue to care for these children in need. 

Aotea Security greatly values the work the Cholmondeley Children's Centre provides and is glad to have been in a position to offer its services for this project. 

For more information about the Cholmondeley Children's Centre, you can click here and visit their website.