Aotea Security Partner With The Urban Wildlife On The NIWA Kororā Cam Project

05 July, 2021

The NIWA Kororā Cam Project will offer researchers an insight into the lives of the Kororā (little blue penguins). Our team are proud to have supported this project with the installation of two live-stream AXIS cameras – one embedded in the lid of a nesting box, and the other positioned outside where the penguins come ashore to nest.

Kororā, or little blue penguins, are found around New Zealand’s coasts and grow to only 35 centimetres tall – the smallest species of penguin in the world. They visit land between June and March each year to lay eggs, care for their young and moult before returning to sea to feed during April and May.

Aotea Security have installed two high resolution cameras and an external microphone have been installed in a little blue penguin nest box in Evans Bay, with NIWA Kororā Cam now streaming straight to YouTube.

Oamaru Blue Penguin Nest Urban Wildlife Trust WILDCAMS

These cameras will assist Conservationists across NIWA, The Urban WildLife Trust, Department of Conservation and many others work towards protecting Kororā, carrying out research and understanding them.