Aotea Security Is Excited To Partner With Wellbeing Platform Groov

20 December, 2022

Aotea Security Is Excited To Partner With Wellbeing Platform Groov

The team at Aotea Security are so excited to partner with the wellbeing platform Groov in an effort to provide better support for their amazing team of employees.

You may have seen Aotea Security's awesome video on social media promoting their partnership with Groov, but what is Groov?

Groov is a wellbeing platform businesses can use to create a work environment that places mental health and wellbeing first and embeds it deep into their business culture. This is achieved through a three layered approach that targets organisational wellbeing, leadership wellbeing and individual wellbeing, focusing on action and behaviour change.  

3 Layered Approach — Image by: Groov

Aotea Security operates as one united team, aiming to create and support sustainable futures for all working within and alongside their business. By doing so, they aim to be the absolute best they can be in everything they do. The Groov platform has proven to be a helpful tool, helping Aotea Security continue to provide a healthy workplace that supports their team, optimises their work environment, empowers individuals and lifts their leaders.

Alistair Hogg and Mike McKim from Aotea Security teamed up with New Zealand comedian Te Radar to feature in the above video. The team from Aotea Security are thrilled with how this video turned out and hopes that when others see it feel the same and learn a little bit more about what it's like to work for the team at Aotea Security.

If working for Aotea Security interests you and you feel you would fit well within our work environment, head on over to the careers page and check out what opportunities we have on offer. Aotea Security is always looking for the right person to join our national team.  

If you want to see more videos like this one, head to the Aotea Security YouTube channel and check out our other videos. We're sure you'll enjoy them just as much.