Prioritising The Health And Wellbeing Of Our People With Mentemia

17 November, 2021

Prioritising The Health And Wellbeing Of Our People With Mentemia

Mental wellbeing is especially important right now. Aotea Security is proud to announce a partnership with leading mental wellbeing organisation, Mentemia.

Aotea Security is putting employee welfare at the front of the organisation, partnering with Mentemia to incorporate mental health and wellbeing into day-to-day operations.

Mentemia is a mental health and wellbeing programme fronted by rugby legend and mental health ambassador, Sir John Kirwan, and health psychology specialist and clinical lead, Dr Fiona Crichton. The programme creates a platform for individuals and businesses to focus on maintaining and improving mental health through a range of tools and techniques including their fantastic phone based app.

For Aotea Security, putting the mental health of its employees on a par with their physical health and wellbeing is a no-brainer.

“Covid-19 lockdown has really highlighted the importance of offering mental health support to staff across both their work and home environments,” said CEO, Alistair Hogg. “So we introduced Mentemia to give staff access to the full range of support it offers. 

The aim is to remove the stigma around talking about mental health and getting help. Everyone has exactly the same level of access to the app – it’s for everyone. As a business, Aotea Security recognise that managers can’t work unless staff are at their peak to be able to perform in their roles. No one is more or less important – we all need to look after our mental wellbeing, but the path to wellbeing is different for everyone.

Sir John Kirwan | Mentemia | Support For Your Mental Wellbeing Mentemia

If we bake mental wellbeing into the day to day workplace, it’s simple - organisations will operate better, leaders will lead better, and individuals in the team will live and work better. - Mentemia co-founder Sir John Kirwan

Mentemia is packed with evidence-based ideas and tools to help staff learn how to be well, and stay well. It helps users deal with the most common stressors we experience in the modern connected world today - poor sleep, anxiety and stress. These stressors, if left unattended, can significantly impact your quality of life at home and work.

As an organisation Aotea Security are looking forward to utilising this incredible tool as a team to become more energised, more productive, and better equipped for whatever the world throws at us.