Aotea Security Welcomes Daniel Piebenga To The Team

08 December, 2020

Aotea Security Welcomes Daniel Piebenga To The Team

Every successful business needs a team member who is passionate about the facts and figures. For Aotea Security, that person is Daniel Piebenga.

Daniel has been an integral part of our external team for several years. He has a strong history in accountancy with over 20 years experience.

Outside of the workplace, Daniel has spent the past 18 years in Dunedin raising his two teenage children and getting involved in the local sports scene. A naturally competitive person; he is results-driven. Which makes absolute sense when it comes to the bottom line.

Throughout our relationship with Daniel, he has developed a sound knowledge and understanding of our business both financially and culturally.

Therefore when the opportunity arose for a Financial Controller to join the Aotea Security team internally, there was only one person for the job.

We are honoured to officially welcome Daniel into the fold!