Trainee Spotlight ⭐ Gavin Osborne

09 September, 2022

Trainee Spotlight ⭐ Gavin Osborne

We love celebrating our security apprentices across Aotearoa and we were excited to feature Gavin Osborne from Dunedin.

Gavin had come to us looking to undertake a career change. He already had a good aptitude for electronics, computing and the mechanics of all things.

Gavin now works for our Dunedin branch where he's had extensive experience in operational security, including working on the front end of Gallagher security and Avigilon. He was interested to see how and if he could enter the technical industry, and he found his way in through technicians who were working on the system he was an operator of!

Gavin believes being a personable problem solver and understanding time constraints are the key to being a good technician. He joined us last year, and since then it has been awesome to see his growth.