Hosted Client Services

Hosted Client Services

Aotea Security provides consumers with the opportunity to take the hassle out of project management, change control, infrastructure, databases, backups, security policy and networks on modern security applications.

Aotea Security are partnering with Softsource vBridge a leading NZ based cloud infrastructure specialist to enhance our customer environment with a more resilient and rapidly scalable platform. We will maintain our Enterprise Support Desk and ongoing management of applications, networking, active directory, and firewalls which will be hosted on the Softsource vBridge MyCloudSpace Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) platform.

For over 5 years we have hosted customers within the AOTHOST IaaS platform, and we have built up a robust knowledge base within our leadership and enterprise team to understand where our strengths are, where our skilled resources should aim for the best outcome of our customers who are more and more reliant on Cloud and Hosted solutions. With Softsource vBridge we have found an infrastructure partner with a similar ethos and local presence to be able to deliver world class infrastructure and elasticity around scaling, management, and compute power.

The MyCloudSpace platform allows our teams to better manage all aspects of your solution and embed all characteristics of an environment that exceeds the NZ Government Information Security Management (NZISM) standard. The new platform is fully ISO 27001 Certified.

A platform that lets you sleep at night

Modern Data Protection: Data is backed up to a secondary location with multiple copies of data maintained. Importantly, the solution is designed to provide fast recovery when it is needed. This is a fully integrated cloud delivered solution.

Multi-site: With nationwide coverage we can deliver services from our location closest to you for maximum speed, by using all our locations together we can design a solution to reduce your risk. Geo redundancy also allows for simple-to-use disaster recovery solutions to protect your security systems from the unexpected.

Highly Redundant: Our platform ensures that there are no single points of failure, all components are designed and built to a minimum of N+1 redundancy. All infrastructure is hosted across best of breed NZ based data centres that meet the NZ Government requirements along with ISO 27001

High Performance: With continual investment and the latest upgrades to the underlying infrastructure, you will be assured of the highest performance for your services.

High Security: With ISO 27001 certification, you can be assured that your data and information is being protected to a high standard.

24/7 National Support: The platform is maintained and monitored by a national team that provides 24/7 365/year support coverage.

Seamless Management: With the Softsource vBridge MyCloudSpace solution, Aotea Security can deploy, manage quotas, and easily configure data recovery and replication from a single console.

Total Visibility: Your data is available from anywhere – we live to make operating your business in the modern, connected world a breeze.

Scale: Nothing is too big or too small, we can provide quotes related to your solution whether it is Access Control, Intruder or IP CCTV systems.

Online backup made simple

We make experiencing efficient, fast, secure backup with Cloud Connect easy. All we  do is point your backups to the vBridge hosted backup repository. That’s it – and all your applications and data are safe and sound in the cloud. And, there’s no need to spend money on your own off-site business continuity environment.

Need to recover your data? No problem. With the click of a button, you can bring your data back to life. Disaster recovery has never been so simple – or so dependable.

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